Fairy Pools waterfall Scottish Highlands Isle of Skye

Imagine hiking in the majestic mountains and glens covered in moss and heather, surrounded by emerald green valleys where the sky reflects in the deep, clear lochs as if they are mirrors of the fairy world. Take a walk on the beach, smell the sea and feel the wind playing with your hair while you stroll on the fine white sand.

Welcome to the world of Deerieo. Make yourself at home.

Deerieo skincare ritual and our mission

At Deerieo we believe in the restorative power of nature. We offer specialised natural skincare solutions for sensitive, combination and inflammation-prone skin to help you feel comfortable and confident in your skin, regain smooth, even complexion and address first signs of ageing. 

Our luxurious range consists of multifunctional products that can be tailored to your individual needs. Deerieo products are formulated to address multiple concerns, provide optimal results and simplify the skincare routine without sacrificing efficacy. You really CAN have it all.

Deerieo Natural Skincare products contain skin loving Scottish plants and herbs such as sea buckthorn, lavender, chamomile, oats, and thistle.

The alchemy of plants - our ingredients

To offer you the perfect quality we expertly craft all our products in micro batches, using the finest natural and organic ingredients growing in Scotland: sea buckthorn, oats, chamomile, lavender, comfrey and thistle to name a few.

Skilfully blended luxurious natural oils, butters, concentrated plant essences, antioxidants combined with vitamins and other naturally occurring actives provide unique skincare solutions that will help you achieve beautiful, healthy and deeply nourished skin.
We don’t use any irritating ingredients, including essential oils and fragrances and our products contain exclusively the ingredients suitable for sensitive, combination, inflammation- and acne-prone skin.

Each of our products is created to the highest standard, dermatologically tested and certified by the accredited independent laboratory to guarantee their physical, chemical and microbiological quality.

Environment and sustainability

Just like we care about you, we also deeply care about the environment. The entire Deerieo range is wrapped in recyclable or biodegradable packaging sourced from sustainable resources. Additionally, we offer 15% recycling discount scheme to our customers, our products are palm oil-free, vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. 

Deerieo Natural Skincare rangle is cruelty-free, recycleable, vegan and free from palm oil.

Our story: the beginnings of Deerieo

Karolina Bajbuz Deerieo Natural Skincare Founder and Product Designer


Deerieo’s story began in 2016 when its founder and owner, Karolina Bajbuz, fell in love with the beautiful and charming Scottish capital and decided to make Edinburgh her new home.

Shortly after, however, she discovered one drawback. She ran out of the face cream her mother, a qualified beautician, used to make for Karolina's sensitive, acne-prone combination skin. 

After many attempts to find a suitable off-the-shelf alternative, Karolina realised she needed to make her own face cream to address her complex skin concerns and obtain the quality and efficacy she’d been seeking. This is when the exciting journey into the world of premium natural skincare began and continues to this day.

Interest in plants, herbalism and natural medicine has run in Karolina’s family for generations, passed from grandmother to mother to daughter. For Karolina, the interest in plants naturally progressed into a passion for making artisan skincare using the finest natural ingredients to deliver visible results.

For a number of years she studied organic cosmetic chemistry and created countless natural skincare formulations, seeking the perfect solution for sensitive and acne-prone skin. 

Karolina has successfully graduated from Formula Botanica, an award-winning accredited organic skincare academy, and obtained a Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation and a Certificate in Natural Cosmetic Preservation.

And finally - Karolina’s mother, Nina, recently joined Deerieo so we are now officially a mother and daughter family business!