Eight Beauty Tips for a Summer Glow

As the summer is now in full swing, would you like to know how to look after your skin in warm weather, highlight your radiant glow and keep it for longer? You're in the right place! Read our eight expert beauty tips on summer beauty routine and enjoy a healthy, glowing skin.

1. Moisturise

Dry skin is prone to flaking, which will make your tan fade faster and become patchy. Make sure to moisturise your face and body regularly with a good moisturiser that will keep your skin supple, soft and hydrated for a lasting tan. Choose multitasking products for added skin benefits depending on your personal needs.

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2. Exfoliate

It may sound counterintuitive, however, gentle exfoliating with a body scrub or loofah sponge once a week helps to prevent skin flaking and dry patches on your body. It is an important step for healthy skin that will help you achieve a beautiful even tan with self-tanning products.

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3. Avoid sunburn

Sunburn is not only dangerous. It is the enemy of your golden glow. Sunburnt skin will flake, leaving unsightly patches and dry skin. Make sure to turn sides often when sunbathing and generously apply an SPF30+ sunscreen with UVA/ UVB protection, even on an overcast day as the sun rays penetrate through the clouds. 

4. Cool showers

Avoid long baths and hot showers as they will dehydrate your skin, causing skin dryness and fading of your tan. Instead, take a cool shower with a moisturising, butter-rich natural soap to nourish your skin and preserve the skin's protective barrier.

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5. Use a self-tanner

A quality gradual self-tanner will help you maintain the golden glow without looking fake. Control your tan and avoid uneven skin tone by layering your tanner so that you can gradually build-up to the desired colour. We recommend self-tanning drops for the face and body that you can add to your favourite skincare products without compromising your beauty routine.

6. Beta-carotene in your diet

Carotene-rich foods are proven to deepen your skin tone by increasing melanin (skin pigment) production and lessening the chances of sunburn. Examples of carotene-rich foods include carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach, butternut squash, red peppers and broccoli. Make sure to eat plenty of them for a golden glow.

7. Bronzer

A strategically applied bronzer will highlight your tan and sculpt your face. Using a soft brush in circular-sweeping motions, apply a bronzer to your cheekbones, around your hairline, temples, jawline, neck and decollete. Add a gentle swoosh of blush over your nose bridge and sinuses area for a natural, fresh “been outside” look and rosy glow.

8. Wear light colours

White and other light colours create a lovely contrast with tanned skin, highlighting your golden glow. Wear light colours around your face, add some golden accessories and voila! You are ready to shine.

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