From sustainably sourced ingredients provided by our trusted and verified suppliers - to a streamlined manufacturing process, recyclable packaging and labels - we make sure our products are as environmentally friendly as possible while maintaining the highest quality and user safety. In addition, we set ourselves strict and ambitious goals to continuously improve the green credentials of Deerieo products and whenever possible embrace innovative eco-friendly solutions.

Our formulations
Deerieo skincare solutions are predominantly plant-based and at least 90% natural (often close to 100%). The preservative system used in Deerieo products is approved by COSMOS and ECOCERT. It provides a broad spectrum protection against bacteria, mold and fungi which is absolutely necessary for user safety in any water containing products.

Our formulations are designed to maximise the benefits that plant-based products can provide for the skin, however, we also appreciate the remarkable results that science can deliver. 

Accordingly, we choose to incorporate high-quality, scientifically validated and skin-friendly ingredients (including niacinamide, vitamin C, coenzyme Q10) in our products to perform specific functions, from a selection of reputable sources.

Palm oil free
At Deerieo we do not use any form of palm oil in our products. This means neither crude or palm oil derived ingredients (such as cetyl and cetearyl alcohols, palmitates, glycerol etc.) are used to create our products. 

Vegan friendly
Deerieo skincare is vegan friendly and does not contain any animal-derived ingredients (such as beeswax, honey or lanolin etc.).

Cruelty free
No Deerieo product or ingredient utilised in our formulations is tested on animals. Deerieo has never conducted nor commissioned animal testing for any of product and never will.

We thoroughly review all our existing and new ingredients prior to use. We research the registration status of these ingredients in world markets and note any past testing.

Our suppliers
Vast majority of our suppliers are based in Scotland and across the UK, and other few are based within the EU. We work with carefully vetted, professional skincare ingredients suppliers who share our ethos of sustainability and no animal testing.

Packaging materials
We continuously seek packaging solutions that demonstrate a tangible environmental benefit while maintaining product quality and practicality of use. We utilise a number of materials in our packaging, carefully balancing various considerations in order to choose the most appropriate material for each formulation. As a skincare company, we must ensure there is formulation compatibility, adherence to global compliance regulations and functional simplicity for our customers.

The use of plastic
Our decision to use plastic is not made lightly and is the convergence of our packaging principles, stringent compatibility testing and the pragmatic acknowledgement that this material offers. We have chosen recyclable polypropylene (PP) airless containers that are unique in their design for our Daily Glow face cream to ensure both formula stability and user safety. These airless containers have been developed in collaboration with Plastics Sector Specialist from WRAP UK, and can be recycled with plastic recyclables. 

You will find detailed recycling instructions for each of our products on the product pages on our website.

Dropper bottle pipettes
By default, dropper bottle pipettes are made of mixed materials and as such, are not readily recyclable. We wish to encourage our clients to reuse dropper bottles and pipettes whenever possible to give them a second life!

To reuse, you can dismantle all parts of a pipette, wash throughly with dishwashing liquid, rinse with hot water and leave to fully dry before using again.

    Online packaging
    Your order will be packaged in a kraft cardboard mailing box made from 90% recycled cardboard and taped with Deerieo branded reinforced kraft paper security tape.

    Both the box and the tape are fully recyclable with paper recyclables. Inside, a natural crinkle cut shredded paper will be used to protect your items against any damages in transit. This shredded paper is made from 100% recycled material and 100% recyclable.

    We are all ears
    At Deerieo we live by the principle of transparency and always strive to improve whenever possible. We welcome suggestions and feedback from our customers, and are always happy to hear from you! You may contact us via contact form on our website or send us an email to