Quick & effective male skin care tips

The days when skin care for men meant grabbing whatever block of soap was to hand are gone! Here is a simple skin care routine for men that gets results without too much time in front of the mirror:

1. Cleanse

Male hormones cause higher sebum production, causing blocked pores, oily skin and breakouts. Pick a cleanser that will deeply cleanse the skin and pores, balance sebum production and protect the skin’s pH. Deerieo Berry Clean balm does all that, and is sensitive skin friendly & unfragranced too!

2. Exfoliate 

To avoid dead skin cells buildup and ingrown facial hair which cause inflammation, rough and dull skin, exfoliate 1-2 times a week using a gentle yet effective exfoliating mask. Deerieo Secret Garden face mask made with 100% natural ingredients, not only effectively exfoliates, but unblocks pores, smoothes and softens the skin, and alleviates inflammation.

3. Moisturise 

Hydrating & moisturising is a must for a healthy skin! Use a multifunctional, well-absorbing moisturiser that will balance oily skin, soothe and restore the skin after shaving, calm redness, and keep your skin well hydrated and protected all day. Deerieo Daily Glow offers that and more - suitable for sensitive skin and with a natural fresh scent, it also helps reduce signs of ageing and protects from environmental damage.

4. Serum 

You may choose to add a few drops of serum to your routine for an extra boost. Pick one that addresses your needs. Why not try Aurora oil serum that offers amazing anti-pollution, anti-ageing and restorative action?

5. Sunscreen 

To protect your skin from sun damage while enjoying the great outdoors, wear 30+ SPF as the last step of your routine and reapply throughout the day.

6. Cleanse again

And when the day is done, remove all the pollution buildup, sunscreen and freshen your skin before well-deserved rest repeating steps 1-4!

Great skin is for everyone. Enjoy it! 

A smiling man with exfoliating face mask on holding Deerieo Secret Garden natural face mask tub.

Deerieo products are for ladies and gents alike!

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