Travel skincare tips that actually work

“O the summer time has come and the trees are sweetly bloomin’” as an old Scottish song goes, and with the summer officially here - we’re ready for outdoor adventures!

Yet packing the right skin care products for your travels might be a challenge. Limited space in your luggage, ever-changing weather conditions (hello Scotland!), travel-induced breakouts, long flight skin dryness… Plus we don’t want to lose all the work we’ve put into our beauty routine at home, correct? 

As mind-boggling as it all may seem, I have a few tried and tested travel skincare tips that will keep your skin healthy and radiant on your holidays and beyond. Bonus tips for those planning to visit bonnie Scotland and enjoy our magnificent outdoors midge free (you’ll know how pesky these biting insects can be if you’ve ever been to Scottish Highlands).

1. Keep your skin (and yourself) hydrated

Dry air in the plane cabin, travel stress and overall hustle often mean we forget to drink enough water. But the skin needs water for correct functioning, and to stay plump and radiant. Make sure to drink plenty of plain water but not carbonated, sweetened drinks or juices. Only plain water delivers desired results without compromising your skin. 

2. Use a good moisturiser instead of oil-based products

Apply a good hydrating face cream to avoid dry skin, especially on a long flight. Why not oil balms or oil serums? None of them contains water, which your skin now needs the most. Sure they will make your skin feel soft and initially help, but after a few applications, you are likely to notice your skin feels even more dry and itchy. All because waterless skincare doesn't provide the hydration boost your skin needs.

Deerieo Daily Glow face cream in a discovery / travel size 30 g glass jar.

Deerieo best-selling Daily Glow natural face cream deeply hydrates, protects and rejuvenates even the most sensitive skin. With 5% niacinamide and Sea Buckthorn extract, it’s an excellent multitasking moisturiser available in travel size.

3. Wear sunscreen

You’ve heard this countless times, I’m sure. But honestly, do you really wear enough sunscreen? It’s tempting to soak in all the sunshine for that golden glow look and a vitamin D fix, but solar radiation is not your friend. UV exposure is one of the main causes of skin ageing, dark pigmentation spots and can lead to skin cancer. Apply a UVA/UVB SPF30+ sunscreen liberally to your face and body before you head out, and reapply every two hours. 

Scotland travel tip:

Despite Scotland’s reputation for rainy weather, we do get some really sunny days and the sun can be aggressive causing more serious sunburn faster. Wearing good sunscreen in Scotland is a must.

4. Don’t use makeup wipes

I know it, you know it - makeup wipes don’t work. It’s tempting to simply wipe your face after a long day of adventures, but makeup wipes won’t cleanse your face well enough leading to grime buildup, blocked pores and breakouts. Pack a gentle and moisturising face and body soap instead! Easy to store, easy and effective to use. Just make sure to pick a natural, gentle non-drying soap specifically designed for use on the face.

Deerieo Purity Face and Body natural soap with white clay is gentle and moisturising to the skin.

Deerieo Purity Face and Body soap is 100% natural, incredibly gentle and moisturising. Contains white clay to draw out the impurities and a rich blend of shea, cocoa, coconut and olive oil for skin softening and nourishing without causing dryness.

5. Avoid long-lasting makeup

Use lightweight makeup or skip it altogether in favour of a good moisturiser, hydrating serum and a lip balm (a tinted one if you want some colour). Long wear makeup dries out the skin and is difficult to remove without double cleansing. Leave it for special nights out and your skin will be grateful for a breath of fresh air!

Deerieo Mint and Lime natural lip balm is refreshing, nourishing and helps relieve chapped and dry lips.

Kiss dry lips goodbye with Deerieo! Enjoy soft, smooth and protected lips in all weather with a selection of our three lip balms available in Mint & Lime, Rich Vanilla and Pure (unflavoured) variants. Key ingredients include shea, mango, cocoa butters blended with avocado oil, vitamin E and zinc.

6. Wash your hands

Our hands, as we all know by now, are covered in bacteria and all kinds of dirt. Wash your mitts as often as possible and avoid touching your face so as not to transfer bacteria onto your skin. Dry hands? Pack a small travel container of hand and body lotion. Two products in one for supple skin on the go.

Deerieo Selkie Hand and Body lotion with five seaweed complex, panthenol and aloe vera helps soothe, soften and moisturise dry, rough skin.

Selkie Hand and Body Lotion with advanced Five Algae Complex, d-Panthenol and Aloe Vera provides excellent skin nourishment and soothing without a heavy or greasy feel. The fast-absorbing formula goes a long way and keeps our skin soft and hydrated all day. Pour it into a travel-sized reusable container. 

Bonus tip: Apply Selkie lotion after sun exposure to soothe redness and sunburns. 

7. Don’t use too many skincare products

Your skin, contrary to what you might have heard from marketers, does not like changes. If your skincare routine at home is minimal, don’t be tempted to take loads of new products with you on a holiday. Your skin will already be under a lot of stress, so keep things simple and gentle. Travel light and focus on the adventures, rather than spending time on 13-step beauty routines.

8. Adjust your skincare to destination climate

It’s a simple tip but often forgotten. If you live in a moderate climate but travel to a hot and humid one, you will want to pack a lightweight, non-pore-blocking hydrating face cream and serum, and leave your oil serum at home. And vice versa - if you’re travelling to a colder, windy destination, pack a travel-sized oil serum to add to your face moisturiser for extra protection.

Deerieo Aurora facial oil serum with bakuchiol (retinol alternative), vitamin C and E, coenzyme q10 in plant base helps protect the skin and reduce sun damage.

Scotland is known for its windy and rainy weather, so a few drops of Deerieo Aurora oil serum mixed with a hydrating face cream creates a perfect blend for skin protection and nourishment. Contains bakuchiol (retinol alternative), vitamin C and E, coenzyme Q10 in a blend of precious plant oils.

9. Don’t wear a sheet mask on a plane and skip facial mists

I’ve been talking a lot about hydration so this tip may seem counterintuitive, but hear me out. Water, as it evaporates, draws out moisture from your skin, leaving it more dry! This is why water has to be “sealed” on your skin for a desired hydration boost. Sheet mask and facial mist don’t have any “sealing” (occlusive) ingredients, meaning your skin will end up even drier. Solution? Again, a good hydrating face cream. Not only it adds water to your skin, but it also seals it in with occlusives such as natural plant oils and butters for extra nourishment.

10. Bonus tip for travel in Scotland - insect repellents 

Scotland is a stunningly beautiful country. Its incredible landscape, rich history and unique culture made Scotland a world class travel destination anyone should visit at least once. It’s magic. Well, until you encounter another “thing” Scottish outdoors are famous for - the Midge. These flying and biting insects are so pesky and hard to repel, that they can easily ruin your outdoors adventure if you come unprepared (especially in the summer months).

You might find a lot of information online on how to deal with midges. Some will work, some won’t. A word from personal experience: don’t rely on essential oils only - they won’t work. Citronella, Eucalyptus, Bog Myrtle etc. are all amazing essential oils, but for your own safety (and sanity) please use a specialised insect repellent. 

I recommend a developed in Scotland Smidge lotion spray with 20% Picaridin. It offers a long-lasting protection against midges, mosquitoes and ticks, and is more skin-friendly than any product with DEET. Plus it’s lightweight and travel-friendly. Thumbs up from me.


In short, travel light, get a few multi-tasking products and keep in mind the climate of your destination. Keep your beauty routine simple and gentle, your body hydrated and your hands clean. Go light on makeup or skip it altogether. And if you’re visiting the magnificent Scottish Highlands - always have your midge repellent handy. 

Your travel skincare checklist:

  • a travel-size hydrating face moisturiser;
  • a good UVA/UVB SPF30+ sunscreen;
  • a gentle face and body soap;
  • a moisturising lip balm;
  • a travel-size reusable container of hand and body lotion;
  • leave oil-based products at home (unless you’re going to a cold, windy country).

Bon voyage!

Karolina from Deerieo x

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