Autumn's Eerie Beauty: Natural Skin Care with a Halloween Twist!

As the leaves change and the air turns crisp, the arrival of Autumn brings a bewitching ambience to the atmosphere. With the cooler season’s arrival, it's the perfect time to give your skin some extra care and an enchanting glow. Let’s unravel the secrets of natural beauty while weaving in spooky skincare trivia from the past for some Halloween magic!

Caring for your skin as the seasons shift

Your skin deserves a little extra TLC during the transitional Autumn season. Cooler weather and fluctuating humidity levels can leave your skin feeling dry, looking dull and prone to irritation. Embrace these natural skincare tips to keep your complexion glowing like a harvest moon!

Banish Impurities

Instead of harsh foaming gel cleansers and commercial soaps, opt for natural alternatives that both cleanse and feed your skin without stripping your skin's natural protective oils and microbiome (friendly bacteria). Cleansing balms offer a perfect solution that turns your daily routine into a luxurious cleansing ritual. Not only do they effectively remove impurities and waterproof cosmetics (think your ghoulish Halloween look!), and provide aromatherapy benefits, but they also nourish delicate skin with all the plant goodness.

Our favourite cleansing method is double-cleansing. Why, you might ask? It’s like a mini facial, exfoliation and deep cleanse in one! First, apply a cleansing balm to your face and massage to dissolve makeup and nourish your skin. Then wipe the balm off with a soft flannel (ideal for sensitive skin) or muslin cloth (for exfoliation) soaked in warm water. Then you can do a second cleanse with a small amount of natural soap, rinse off and apply a moisturiser. 

Deerieo Natural Skincare the Veil spa-grade cleansing balm and face mask with Jasmine.

The Veil 3-in-1 Cleansing Balm with Jasmine

Deerieo Purity Face and Body natural soap with white clay and essential oils.

Purity Face & Body Nourishing Soap

The Magic of Hydration

A good moisturiser is like a fountain of youth and your skin will drink in the benefits. Keep your skin well hydrated, plump and youthful with botanical-infused moisturisers that include ingredients like niacinamide, glycerine, panthenol, ceramides and hyaluronic acid (keep in mind that HA is usually not vegan-friendly). They help to attract and retain water in your skin, soothe irritation and strengthen the skin barrier.

Deerieo Natural Skincare Daily Glow Face Cream with Niacinamide and Sea Buckthorn for sensitive skin.
 Deerieo Selkie firming hand and body lotion with advanced seaweed extract and aloe vera.

Witch Hazel - Trick or Treat?

While Witch Hazel has wonderful anti-inflammatory, cleansing and skin-tightening properties - beware! It is frequently diluted with alcohol, which will dry out and damage your skin. Make sure to use the alcohol-free product to reap the benefits risk-free.

Colourful pumpkins on a linen canvas

Unveil Your Glow

Did you know that pumpkin contains an enzyme that is an excellent exfoliator? Treat your skin to a gentle exfoliation with fruit acids (Alpha Hydroxy Acids / AHA) or an exfoliating face mask, and watch the dull skin slough away. But remember: avoid harsh scrubs that can damage your skin (I’m looking at you, infamous apricot scrub…) and don’t overdo it. Once or twice a week is best, particularly if you have sensitive skin.

Elixir of Serenity

Just like witch's potions, facial serums enriched with essential nutrients can revitalise your complexion and enchant with sensuous scents. There are many serums to choose from to match your individual needs, yet our favourite ingredients include Vitamin C, Bakuchiol (natural Retinol alternative) and Rosehip oil for their collagen-boosting and restorative benefits.

Deerieo Natural Skincare Aurora Oil Serum with Vitamin C and E, Bakuchiol and Coenzyme Q10 for mature and sensitive skin.

The Haunting Beauty of the Past

Speaking of enchantment, in pursuit of eternal beauty, our ancestors employed some rather eerie skincare practices...

The White Lady’s Curse

During the Elizabethan era, pale skin was considered a sign of beauty and social status. To achieve this look, women used cosmetics containing white lead. Unfortunately, these cosmetics often caused skin damage, lead poisoning and other health issues.

The Gaze of Belladonna

Belladonna, a poisonous plant also known as "deadly nightshade," was used by some women in the past to dilate their pupils, giving them a wide-eyed appearance considered attractive during the Renaissance. However, this practice was extremely dangerous due to the plant's toxic effects.

Vampire Facials

Even recent skincare trends have seen unusual treatments, such as the "vampire facial." This procedure involves drawing a small amount of the patient's blood, processing it to extract the platelet-rich plasma, and then applying the plasma to the face using micro-needling. Looks as spooky as it sounds!

Luckily, today we have the privilege of harnessing nature's gifts and creating beauty rituals that honour both our skin and the planet. 

Embrace the Magic of Autumn's Beauty Rituals

While the spirits of Halloween stir the air, let your skincare routine be a testament to self-care and reverence for the power of nature - with a sprinkle of magic! ✨

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