Summer-ready skin care tips

Summer is just around the corner! After months of cold and harsh weather, get ready to show off your healthy, glowing skin with these easy summer skin care steps: 

Exfoliate regularly

Exfoliating your skin once or twice a week (not daily) is beneficial for the skin's appearance and texture. It helps to speed up the skin cell renewal and blood circulation giving your skin a fresh, healthy look. On top of that, using exfoliants improves absorption of cosmetic actives so your lotions and potions can penetrate better to deeper layers of your skin rather than get stuck on its rough surface.

Check our blog for a super-easy, zero-waste DIY body scrub recipe.


Masking is an excellent way to feed your skin and create a self-care moment we all need (hello summer Friday’s skincare!). We love clay facial masks for their many benefits: they cleanse pores drawing out impurities (great for blackheads), gently exfoliate, and leave the skin incredibly smooth and soft without drying it out. Perfection.

Deerieo Secret Garden discovery / travel size face mask with white clay and soothing herbs in a biodegradable kraft pouch.

Our Secret Garden herbal clay mask does all that while soothing your skin too!

Moisturise face and body

Combat dry, rough skin we all struggle with after harsh winter months and get the glow by moisturising your face and body. Don’t skip below the neck skin care: it’s a key step in summer skin care routine! Start now and do it consistently for firmer, smoother and soft skin you’ll be proud to show off in your summer attire.

Short on time? Try our fast-absorbing Selkie Hand and Body Lotion for skin firming, soothing and softness and our lightweight Daily Glow face cream for plump, healthy and radiant skin. Both are non-greasy, long-moisturising and deliver multiple benefits in just one product!

Deerieo Selkie firming hand and body lotion and Daily Glow restorative face cream.

Pour yourself a drink … of water!

I know, we’ve all heard it a million times. But in all honesty… Do you drink enough water? Drinking plenty of plain water (juices, tea, coffee etc. don’t count) not only improves the overall elasticity of your skin, but also gives it a healthy and plump appearance as well! So next time you feel your skin looks dull and feels dry - grab a big glass of water (add some mint, lemon or even a cucumber for variety).

Use non-drying cleansers 

In hot weather our skin produces more oil (sebum) so it’s tempting to use a foaming cleanser to dry it out “a little”. But hear me out: avoid drying cleansers. Such drying cleansers destroy your skin’s protective barrier and microbiome making it prone to irritation, breakouts and loss of elasticity. On top of it, by drying your skin they will make it more oily! Why? Because your skin is smart and will think it needs to produce more oil (sebum) to protect your dry skin. You see where this is going.

Opt for gentle, non-drying cleansers (creams or balms like Deerieo Berry Clean and the Veil) that melt away the oils and remove the sunscreen without drying the skin. Ideal on their own for dry skin types or in a double-cleanse routine for all other skin types.

Deerieo Berry Clean and the Veil nourishing cleansing balms in glass jars.

Go light on makeup

Use a lightweight foundation such as CC cream, a lightweight mineral powder, or skip them altogether to allow your skin to breathe freely in the hot weather. This will help you avoid breakouts from buildup of grime and sweat. You will notice the skin tends to clear up when skipping face makeup. Even if it makes you feel a bit “undone” at first, a fresh, dewy and lightly tanned skin is a perfect summer look.

Sunscreen is your friend

We’re often tempted to get a nice tan ASAP (especially when the sun is scarce like here in Scotland), but applying a broad-spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen is crucial to skin’s health and attractive appearance (lobster-red tan is not in fashion). Reapply your sunscreen generously every two hours when you’re exposed to natural sunlight, after swimming or exercise. If you’re wearing makeup and need an SPF touch-up, use a powder mineral sunscreen with a brush. It’s not as effective as under-makeup sunscreen but is better than nothing and will lightly mattify the skin too.

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